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Picture Intervyx Design Co. as your all-in-one creative squad. Need a designer? Got it. A developer? Check. Brand guru? Absolutely. Consulting whiz? Yep. And, of course, we're always creatively charged with our trusty caffeine and state-of-the-art digital tools. We thrive in joining forces with fellow small business creatives. Your business is your canvas, and we're here to help guide your brush.

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The Explore Phase involves in-depth customer analysis using methods like focus groups and interviews to overcome challenges such as low demand and abandoned carts. By aligning the business strategy with real customer problems, the goal is to establish a tailored approach that forges lasting connections and ensures long-term success.


We use our findings from the Explore phase to figure out the best way to make your brand successful. We then take that information and use it to create a plan for your brand's image and style that perfectly fits with our strategic findings.


In this phase, we're putting together the structure of your website. We make sure it works well and looks good according to what your audience likes. It's like decorating a room—we add the words, colors, fonts, and pictures that match your brand. We also make sure it's easy for people to find your site on the internet by optimizing it for search engines and adding any extra tools you might need.


We'll create all the files you need for your brand and give you a guide on how to use them. If you want any changes, now's the time to make them. We'll also set you up on our DIY SEO portal. Once you're happy with everything, your new brand is good to go and ready to help you succeed.

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"Stephanie implemented programs and networking tools I didn’t even know existed. She not only set everything up for me, but she taught me how to manage the software and tools myself to ensure I optimize my own time to focus on my craft rather than stressing about communications and management."

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